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#C21News: May 2017

The month of May welcomed significant franchise growth, exciting achievements, and a few impressive news features! Read all about it in the recap below.


New Franchise Spotlight

CP Realty, an independently owned and operated real estate brokerage company in Fargo, ND, announced that it has joined the CENTURY 21® Franchise System and will now do business as CENTURY 21 FM Realty. “We couldn’t be more excited about our new team joining the CENTURY 21 Brand, one of the most recognized real estate brands in the world,” said owner John Colvin. Read more here.

Ohio Family Realty, an independently owned and operated real estate brokerage company in Elyria, OH, announced that it has joined the CENTURY 21® Franchise System and will now do business as CENTURY 21 DeAnna Realty. Ohio Family Realty has served more than 1,000 customers and is well-known in the community for not only its impeccable customer service, but also for its philanthropic efforts in the local community. “We now have access to the tools, technology, and brand recognition that we need, while also retaining our family and community feel,” said owner Mike DeAnna. Read more here.

The Real Estate Company of East Tennessee, an independently owned and operated real estate brokerage company, announced that it has joined the CENTURY 21® Franchise System and will now operate as CENTURY 21 Heritage. With the company philosophy, “always do what you say, sometimes more, but never less,” customer service is a priority for owner Mike Garber and his team. Read more here.

Earth Outdoor Properties, an independently owned and operated real estate brokerage company with offices in Mountain Grove and Ava, MO, announced that it has joined the CENTURY 21® Franchise System and will now do business as CENTURY 21 Earth Outdoor Properties.



We are thrilled to announce that the CENTURY 21 Father’s Day “Give Dad Nothing Campaign” has been named a Bronze Anvil Award winner representing the best in public relations programs demonstrating creative tactics. The campaign garnered 602MM impressions through broadcast, print, and online coverage which included outlets like huffingtonpost.com, today.com, Adweek and RISMedia. View the full list of winners here.



CENTURY 21 Advantage Gold’s Anne Rubin has been appointed to the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission. Rubin is a 29-year real estate veteran and has helped grow CENTURY 21 Advantage Gold to include more than 200 sales associates in 11 offices throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Read the full press release here.

CENTURY 21 Award’s Angela Avilez was a featured speaker at POSiBLE L.A. Angela’s topic was on “Hispanics and their impact on the real estate industry,” speaking also to the opportunities of starting a real estate career.

The event, sponsored by Century 21 Real Estate, is meant to inspire and empower the Hispanic community to prosper in business. Entrepreneurs had access to critical resources: new products, tools, platforms, industry leader keynotes and boot camps to launch and grow their business. At the CENTURY 21 booth, we had interactive experiences for the over 4,000 attendees, highlighting the possibility of a career in real estate and affiliating with the CENTURY 21 Brand.


In the News

Bill Still, of CENTURY 21 Blackwell, shared his insights on new schools creating a real estate boom in the Spartanburg, SC area with GoUpstate.com. “Of course every area likes new schools and new schools that look good,” Still said. “School districts are tremendous (selling points). Anyone with a school-age child, the first thing they do is research the schools when looking for a new home.” Read the full article here.

CENTURY 21 Judge Fite was recently featured in a Real Estate Broker’s Insider article about brokers turning to sports sponsorships as the market improves. The article discusses ways these partnerships improve credibility and help brokers connect with the community. Judge Fite’s recently renewed, 4-year sponsorship deal with the Dallas Cowboys was a main highlight.  Chief Executive Jim Fite said the deal gives the company the right to use the Cowboys’ color and logo on business cards, yard signs, and its website. Read the full article here.

John Colvin, of CENTURY 21 FM Realty, shared his thoughts on his hometown in a Realtor.com article highlighting the ten best cities for new college graduates. “It’s a great outdoors city with lots of lakes, and there’s an amazing sense of community here, “ he said. Read the full article here.


Check back next month for the latest Century 21 Real Estate News briefing.

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Agent Spotlight: Q&A with Justin Udy of CENTURY 21 Everest Realty Group

This month, we sat down with Justin Udy of CENTURY 21 Everest Realty Group in Cottonwood Heights, UT. Despite a challenging start to his real estate career, Justin joined forces with Century 21 Real Estate to grow his business and ultimately, lead one of the top producing teams in the CENTURY 21 Brand. Read more of Justin’s story and the advice he has for millennial agents who are finding their way in the real estate industry.


CENTURY 21: What led you to join the CENTURY 21 Brand in particular?

Justin: Their focus on self-development and desire to provide an amazing environment. I was at a brokerage on the verge of bankruptcy. Century 21 Real Estate helped facilitate the merger of the struggling brokerage of 26 agents into a productive Century 21 Real Estate brokerage. This allowed the struggling brokerage to get their books straight and debts paid, and get the agents into a new, productive environment. Most of them are still here today.


CENTURY 21: What is your favorite thing about your job?

Justin: I genuinely enjoy people and the sticks and bricks of real estate. I love being able to help people and the face-to-face relationships I build. In addition, it is rewarding to introduce people to a career in real estate, create long-term wealth for clients, and advise and improve their lives through the process.


CENTURY 21: What is the biggest misconception about millennial real estate agents?

Justin: The biggest misconception is that they have no drive and are lazy. In reality, I have met many millennials who are ambitious and driven. They want to succeed and are willing to pay the price for success.


CENTURY 21: What would you say to millennials who consider this an “easy” profession to get into?

Justin: No profession is “easy” if you’re looking to perform at the highest level.  If you want to be the best, you have to pay the price. That can only be done with hard work, focus, and an obsession to be the best.  


CENTURY 21: What’s your best advice for millennials looking to find success in the real estate industry?

Justin: To live a big life you need to do big things. Give up a season of your life so you can have a life like no one.


Check out Justin in this Shaun McBride video for CENTURY 21’s Adulting series.

Agent Spotlight: Q&A with Lara Marquess of CENTURY 21® Union Realty

This month, we sat down with Lara Marquess of CENTURY 21® Union Realty in Los Angeles. In the interview, Lara shared how she got her start in real estate and what it was like working with Robeson Design’s Director of Marketing, Sharrah Robeson, for CENTURY 21’s Adulting series.


CENTURY 21: How did you get your start in real estate?

Lara: My initial plan was to teach. However, I realized I’d be doing students a disservice because my heart was just not in it. One day my neighbor walked over, pointed her finger at me, and told me I should be in real estate. She’s been in real estate since the 80s and she said that I’d be the perfect fit. I decided to get an internship with a successful real estate team and after my first week I knew this was the career for me.

In this job, every day is different. You’ve got to have energy and drive and I just knew that I could thrive in this type of environment. After a few months of interning, I got my license and stayed with the team for a little while longer. I decided to go off on my own in January of 2017.


CENTURY 21: What led you to the CENTURY 21 Brand in particular?

Lara: They understand that real estate is a tough business. It’s not hard getting into real estate but it takes time and effort to become a good real estate agent. Century 21 Real Estate has systems in place to help their agents grow and succeed.


CENTURY 21: How has Century 21 Real Estate supported you during these early years of your career?

Lara: The first thing that comes to mind is the training. We have trainings where we tour homes and identify parts of a house. We also have bi-weekly meetings where we talk about 1031 exchanges, mortgage programs, and much more. We’re all independent contractors who are all going after the same deals, but we have each other’s back. If I ever need help or advice, an agent in my office is willing to take a break from what she’s doing and lend me a hand. We have such a great support system.


CENTURY 21: What would you say to millennials who consider this an “easy” profession to get into?

Lara: I’d say they’re right. Real estate is super easy to get into. You don’t have to go to college. All you have to do is pass some tests and then hang up your license somewhere. What’s difficult is generating business and becoming a good agent who provides great customer service—and to succeed at these you have to commit to doing these things every day… not just when you feel like it.


CENTURY 21: What is your favorite thing about your job?’’

Lara: The idea of what I can turn my business into. The possibilities are endless.


CENTURY 21: What was it like working with Sharrah Robeson?

Lara: It was fun. Sharrah is super sweet and very friendly. We got to talking right away and she’s a true professional. I would love to have her design my house!


Check out Lara Marquess in Sharrah Robeson’s How to Buy a House! | Approaching Home Buying for Newbies Like Us! and stay tuned for another agent spotlight next month!

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