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Tapin Tumblr Blog

Tapin Tumblr Blog

The July social content calendar is here!

What better time than now to elevate your company’s social presence? We have curated a social calendar just for you for July that comes with all the bells and whistles – images and video to download, suggested copy and even recommendations on where to post and how much to spend on promotion. There’s a lot of good stuff in this calendar, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Millward Brown Ad Tracking Study: Hot off the presses, we recently announced that the CENTURY 21 Brand continues to be the leader in Brand Awareness for 19 straight years! To commemorate this, we’re kicking off a new social campaign to tout the brand’s accomplishments - a great awareness play in your local market.
  • July 4th Holiday: The long weekend is fast approaching and we’ve created some fun patriotic-themed visuals for you to share in the social space – post you favorite, or post them all as an album post!
  • Mid-Year Pacesetter Awards: Over the next couple of weeks, the Awards team will be in touch with you to congratulate you and your sales associates who have achieved this honor. New this year: We have created a special visual to honor your sales associates. Post this content with the hashtag #C21Awards…and don’t forget to tag your qualifying sales associates in the post!

…and this is only scratching the surface of fun content we’ve put together for you. Consider this calendar a great start to creating your own July social calendar. From here you can mix it up and add your own content as well!

Click here to get started. All images and videos are available through 21Online.com.

#GoSocial today!

Contrary to news reports and outspoken critics of homeownership,...

Contrary to news reports and outspoken critics of homeownership, the American Dream is alive and well. According to the United States Census Bureau, while the year-over-year homeownership rate has been on the decline for the last 10 years, the overall homeownership rate in the first quarter of 2017 – at 63.6% — bucked the decade-long trend and rose from a year ago.

Plus, as Trulia Chief Economist Ralph McLaughlin noted about Q1, the number of owner-occupied households rose more quickly than renter households for the first time since 2006. According to Trulia, the number of new owner households was up 850,000, compared to a 365,000 increase in the number of renter households.

Many believe the real estate market is primed for a continued recovery. What do you think? Email your thoughts to AskGreg@century21.com.

Housing inventory, or the lack thereof, will continue to be a challenge as will any regulations or policies pushed through on Capitol Hill that are injurious to homeowners or the industry. As REALTORS®, we will continue to be advocates for homeowners and the real estate industry, and together we will keep ‘our collective eyes and ears’ on any issues that might hurt homeowners or negatively impact transactions and your ability to be real estate entrepreneurs.

Check out the latest opportunities from our partners…


To follow are highlights of services and discounts available exclusively to you as an affiliated CENTURY 21 sales associate. Check out the latest opportunities and take advantage of these savings! 

  1. Travel Forecast: Bright Sunshine and Hot Tech
  2. Help Boost Name Recognition
  3. Looking Out for Each Other Just Got Easier
  4. Cybercrime on Real Estate Professionals (BROKER FOCUSED)

AT&T Wireless: Travel Forecast is Bright Sunshine and Hot Tech

Goodbye freezing temps, hello sunny skies. Spring and summer travel season is here! Before you pack the sunscreen and towels, check out these AT&T tech ideas to help make any trip a success. And don’t forget, C21 system members can save 19% off AT&T’s select service plans. Visit att.com/wireless/century21 for the latest offers and to register for special discounts.

Xpressdocs: Help Boost Name Recognition

Are you looking to boost brand recognition for your real estate services? Or is your goal to transform prospective homebuyers and sellers into revenue-generating clients? Read Xpressdocs’ recent article, Email Drip Campaigns: How to Win the Affection of New Prospects and discover why launching an email drip campaign may be the solution your marketing strategy needs to yield major results. Log into your 21Online.com account, search for Xpressdocs, and explore all the branded direct marketing tools readily available at your fingertips!

WearSafe: Looking Out for Each Other Just Got Easier

Wearsafe is one of the newest additions to the CENTURY 21 Business BenefitsSM program. It’s common practice for real estate professionals to meet clients for private showings, or operate alone when hosting an open house. In a vulnerable situation, it’s comforting to have the support of Wearsafe, an instant call for help that makes it simple to reach trusted friends, family and team members. In an emergency, finding your phone and unlocking it to make a call is harder than you think. Let Wearsafe make the call instead. With the discreet press of a wearable button, Wearsafe instantly enables your network to hear what’s happening, see where you are, and quickly coordinate to get you the right help, right away.

Visit wearsafe.com for $10 off Wearsafe Annual Service with code: RSG10.

PBI Group:  Cybercrime on Real Estate Professionals (BROKER FOCUSED)

Cybercrime on Real Estate Professionals is real and here to stay. Are you prepared?

Don’t wait until you are hacked to find out. Start today to prepare for this unfortunate new reality. The bad guys are working around the clock - around the globe to gain access to your systems for money and information.  You should protect your brokerage.  We have 2 ways to help manage this risk:

  1. Obtain a broad, stand-alone Cyber Liability policy. Click here, enter your contact information and 3 underwriting questions and we will send you a quote. We think you will find the premium to be very reasonable for the coverage provided.
  2. Increase your affiliated sales associates cyber awareness through education. Knowledge is the power to protect and maximumcyberliability.com is your resource.
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